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Alejandra Ospina

Digital Marketing and Branding Strategist

About Ale

I am a Digital Marketing and Branding Strategist. I am Passionate about helping other individuals and organizations to find their own brand and learn how to express it.

I am Professional in International Relations and I hold an M.A. in direction of corporative communications. I have over 4 years working experience in profit and non-profit organizations. The above has allowed me to identify the branding and digital communication needs of organizations that seek social and human development. From creating a strong brand to developing an editorial calendar and social media strategies, I always aim to improve my clients' brand and online reputation.

Currently, I work as the digital marketing associate at the U.S. Association for International Migration (USAIM), the non-profit partner of the IOM, where I specialize in managing all digital channels, to ensure consistency between the brand and the target audiences, including IOM Staff, donors, supporters, and partners.

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RT @BarackObama: "...For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." - Nelson Mandela
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RT @elprincipito: "Lo más difícil de aprender en la vida es saber qué puente hay que cruzar y qué puente hay que quemar." Bertrand Russell
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En Taller de Migración Laboral. Después de mucho trabajo y colaboración aquí estamos! https://t.co/xD23yqWJ9t
RT @RIAL_OEA: Inicia en San Jose, Costa Rica el Taller #RIAL sobre Migración Laboral #XIXCIMT https://t.co/xOyJjYT4TK
Lo lindo de estudiar a distancia es que logras aprender de mentes brillantes de todo el mundo! Y… https://t.co/3JCbUS0YKs
RT @RIAL_OEA: ¿Sabes q 13 y14 julio Ministerios d Trabajo d Américas compartirán estrategias en favor d #TrabajadoresMigrantes? 👉https://t.…
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RT @OEA_oficial: Todo lo que tienes que saber de la 47 #AsambleaOEA en México ☛ https://t.co/WWgyKvinV7 https://t.co/vghTsJKZIU

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